Why Citizens

With our holistic, student-centered approach to both learning and social development, Citizens of the World offers a unique option for Kansas City families.

What’s in store for you at Citizens:


Our model creates space for your child to find their own place in the world.

Traditionally High
Retention Rate

We create an environment where students stay and bond with the same peers over the years.

A Real Sense
of Community

We foster growth in education as well as social and developmental growth.

What makes Citizens great?
Here’s what sets us apart:

Project-Based Learning

Our students will develop deep mastery of knowledge and skills. They will be challenged, supported, and will make real life connections to their learning.

Learn more about our approach:
Project-Based Learning


We want our graduates to know and be confident in themselves, and have strong relationships with their peers.

Learn more about our approach:
Conscious Discipline
Restorative Practices

Diverse by Design

We believe it is important for students to learn to work alongside peers across lines of difference. This will be necessary for them to practice self-understanding and empathy in order to solve complex problems that exist in our world.

Come see for yourself!

Nothing can convey the unique Citizens culture and our students’ joy of learning quite like an in-person tour.

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As educators, our mission is to provide an excellent public education focused on developing and demonstrating understanding while building connections within a diverse community. It’s about more than a test score, it’s about the entire child.