Our Campus

Our Broadway Campus is located at 3435 Broadway, at the corner of Broadway & Armour Blvd. Our school is ideally located in the heart of Midtown — accessible by car, bus, bicycle, or on foot — and strategically situated to link all of the unique, vibrant Midtown neighborhoods.


This campus offers bright, beautiful classrooms with space for large group, small group, partner and individual activities throughout the day. Classrooms have tables and chairs, a large carpet space for class meetings, reading areas, and other “center” areas for manipulative and exploration activities.

Special Spaces

Specialty classrooms are located throughout the building: visual arts, music, and a large multi-purpose room for physical education. Additionally, this multi-purpose room is true to its name and serves as a lunch room, indoor movement space, all-school assembly auditorium, and even features “Friday Morning Sing” every week!

Outdoor Spaces

Outside, our campus offers dedicated spaces for free play and exploration. The imaginative play space has moveable building materials for creative adaptation by children, dedicated spaces for running and tricycle riding, and modified sports areas. In addition, out outdoor spaces also include raised beds for gardening, a Giving Grove fruit tree orchard, and a native perennial garden that offers sightings of caterpillars, butterflies, and hummingbirds!