One of our core values at Citizens is community, and we value our parents and other caregivers and want you to be involved in whatever ways work for you! Here is how you can get involved.

Volunteer Information

Read the weekly Citizens Connection

Volunteer opportunities are frequently listed in the weekly newsletter!

Check with your child’s teacher

Reach out directly to your child’s teacher to see how you can support them and the class! There may be upcoming field trips in need of chaperones, classroom supply donations needed, or some classroom support you can provide during the school day or at home!

Complete your background screening

In order to keep our students and families safe, we require that all volunteers obtain the appropriate background screenings and checks. You can view specific directions for completing these screenings here.

If you will be volunteering around children but with a staff member present, either at the school building or on a field trip, you will need to complete the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) screening. Click here to begin and follow these instructions. If you have had this done for another organization, we can pull those results. Be sure to contact Ryan Brennan with your SS# so that he can check that you have been cleared.

If you will be working with students without a staff member present (leading a club, tutoring, chaperoning a field trip that requires you to walk with a small group of children), you will need to complete both the FCSR screening and a MACHS background check with fingerprinting. Click here to begin and use these instructions. Use code 7278 when prompted. Please note that we are NOT able to pull results from the MACHS done for other organizations. You must complete the MACHS check using the above code and then reach out to Ryan Brennan to confirm that you are cleared.

Individuals may begin volunteering after reaching out to Ryan Brennan with their SS# and confirming that results of the FCSR and/or MACHS have come back as clear. Make sure that you check in at the front desk every time you come to school to volunteer!

Note: Each of these background screenings have a one-time cost associated with completing them, but individuals do not have to repeat the screenings as long as they continue volunteering at Citizens.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Field Day Volunteers (May 24)

Current Opportunities

To help out with any of the following efforts, please contact the appropriate staff member!

Uniform Closet/Uniform Swap – Jessie Cox
Food Pantry – Jessie Cox
Snacks for Teachers – Blake Smith
Breakfast for Teachers – Jamesetta Mills
Conference Dinner – Jamesetta Mills
Teacher Appreciation – Troy Butler
8th Grade Promotion – Danielle Miles
Field Day – Sara Nelson

Citizens Community Organization:

To learn more about other ways you can support the school, please reach out to the Citizens Community Organization (CCO)!