Citizens Voices


3rd Grade Teacher

The key ideology that attracted me to Citizens was the belief in educating the whole child. A traditional school’s environment focuses on simply filling the mind with facts, but Citizens pledges to address the student’s emotional being as well. You can’t teach a child who’s focused on their hunger. You can’t teach a child who’s concerned whether mommy/daddy will pick them up from school or even be at home when they get there. You can’t teach a child who doesn’t feel seen, loved, or valued by other humans. When they know we care about them as a person, then they’ll care about what we have to say as a teacher. I chose Citizens because emotional wellbeing is one of the highest priorities for me! I’m thankful that Citizens cares about the whole child!


1st Grade Teacher

When you enter a new community, you are looking for acceptance and for people to value what you bring into that new community. The staff at CWC came alongside me on day one and have encouraged me to be the best teacher I can be. I take that into my classroom daily. The success of my students begins with them feeling like a part of our school family. They are given opportunities to lead and encourage each other as well as have a voice when they see a needed change. I am beyond encouraged by the growth I’ve seen in myself and my school family these past few weeks.

Rebecca & Che


We have been a part of the CWCKC community since the doors opened. We have loved our teachers, the staff, administrators and community. To our family, CWCKC is home!

Lindsey & Nick


As residents of Midtown, our family had the honor of working with the founders of CWC KC before our daughter was school age. We knew a lot about the school, but when our daughter entered Kindergarten we immediately knew it would be the right fit for our family. Our daughter can be herself at Citizen’s and she is growing in a community that values her and her classmates. As a family that lives within walking distance to the school, we love that it not only represents the diversity of our community, but it also values us as its neighbor.


2nd Grader

We all come together in a community! Community is good because if we feel lonely, we have each other. When we learn together, it makes the day go so fast! We help each other be more kind — every single day!


After School Teacher

I came back to teaching because teaching is like planting seeds in the minds of the future. At Citizens, we’re growing every day!


7th Grader

Diversity is my favorite core value because I think it’s important to learn to trust others, even people who are different from us.