Community Partnerships

At CWC Kansas City, we take pride in being a part of our vibrant Midtown community.  We welcome community partnerships with us in our school as well as encourage our students to be aware of their place within a larger community.  We are always looking for innovative collaborations and are proud to currently partner with the following organizations:

Curriculum Enrichment

    Anita B. Gorman Discovery Science Center "Discover Nature Schools Curriculum" (All Students)

Thanks to the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Science Center and the Missouri Department of Conservation, our CWC KC students dive into the Discover Nature Schools curriculum throughout their science projects. Our young scientists go outside to investigate, observe, and explore, and they receive science journals to use on their nature and science focused field trips.

    BikeWalkKC (1st & 2nd Grade)

Educators from BikeWalkKC come to all of our 1st and 2nd grade classes to lead interactive workshops that connect to each grade level’s Project Based Learning unit.  In 1st grade, students learn about the basic rules and laws of the built world around us through their unit on ‘Healthy Bodies’.  In 2nd grade, students learn about types of transportation over time through their unit on ‘How People Invented Throughout Time’.

    Junior Achievement "Economics Education Through Community Partnerships" (All Students)

Through Junior Achievement, our students learn about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness as our social studies and math standards come to life in hands-on activities.  Community volunteers come to our school to deliver a series of lessons that build sequential themes across grade levels that get our students thinking about jobs, personal economics, and roles in our communities.

  Nelson-Atkins Art Museum "Thinking Through Art" (1st & 2nd Grades)

This in-school program directly incorporates looking at and talking about art into the curriculum to build critical thinking skills.  Facilitated by volunteers from the Nelson-Atkins or teachers supported by museum staff, the program includes 12 lessons in the classroom and two visits to the museum.  Having participated in the program for two years, our 3rd grade students continue to apply the skills and strategies they’ve learned throughout their learning experiences.

    Kansas City Community Gardens (All Students)

In partnership with KC Community Gardens and our CWCKC Family Council’s garden & sustainability committee, we built 4 garden beds in our outdoor space.  Teachers and students will integrate planting and garden care into our projects and ACE after school programming through the Dirt Club.

    KC Healthy Kids (All Students)

Twice throughout the school year, CWCKC students get the chance to try some delicious veggies through a ’Tasting Local’ event with KC Healthy Kids.  We partner with Urbavore Urban Farm, which is run by one of our CWCKC families, to purchase all of the local veggies for the tasting events.  Students learn about what produce grows right here in Kansas City and vote if they like each recipe. 

    Kansas City Public Library (All Students)

Educational librarians gather collections of library books to loan to our school based on our current studies and projects in classes and grade levels.  Teachers can also partner with a librarian to organize a themed read aloud or participate in one of our reading-themed events.

   Kansas City Police Department (All Students)

KCPD officers come to our school one week a month to meet with rotating grade levels for a read aloud through their library specials class.  Officers share time with students and help them learn about all the things police officers do as part of their jobs.

    Kansas City Young Audiences STEAM Residency (2nd Grade)

Our teachers apply to participate in this residency program for their classroom.  The residency pairs KCYA professional teaching artists with classroom teachers to present science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum (STEM).  Our 2nd grade classrooms connect the residency to their Project Based Learning unit on ‘How People Invented Throughout Time’ including a focus on simple machines, and force and motion.  By using the arts to learn STEM curriculum, students built critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Kansas City Zoo(Kindergarten)

Our Kindergarten students have several experiences with our Zoo throughout their school year including lessons from the ZooED program, a visit from Zoomobile, and a spring field trip to the Zoo as part of their ecosystems Project Based Learning unit.

   Lead to Read (1st Grade)

Starting this school year, Lead to Read will be connecting trusted, caring adult volunteers (called Readers) with each of our 1st grade students. Once a week, for 30 minutes, Readers and kids will read together in our classrooms using books and big ideas connected to our current Project Based Learning units.  Come join us as a volunteer!

   Literacy Lab (Some students across all grades)

Starting this school year, we will have two embedded full-time Literacy Lab tutors at our school.  The rigorously-trained tutors will provide individualized reading instruction to improve literacy skills for some of our growing readers.


Family Support

    Harvesters Community Food Network "BackSnack Program" (All Interested Students)

Harvesters’ BackSnack program provides a weekly backpack filled with nutritious, child-friendly food for school children to take home over the weekend.  This free program is possible because of our community partner St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and CWCKC volunteers, and is open to all students.

     Literacy KC (All Families)

Through our partnership with Literacy KC, we will have 2-3 sessions of their ‘Let’s Read’ family reading program throughout our school year.  Each 6 week session is for the whole family, free of charge, and led by one of our teachers. ‘Let’s Read’ empowers parents and caregivers to take an active role in the education of their children, while improving their own literacy skills. 

     UMKC School of Dentistry "Lowry Dental Program" (All Students)

We are a partnering school with the Lowry Dental Program at UMKC School of Dentistry, which provides the necessary dental services for children regardless of their insurance coverage.  This weekly school-year program takes a few children at a time accompanied by CWCKC staff to the dental school by bus in order to complete all needed dental exams and follow up appointments.

     Start at Zero (All Families including those who don’t yet have a CWCKC student)

Beginning this school year, we will partner with Start at Zero to have a site-based parent educator spending time in our school to connect with families with children ages prenatal to 5 and host group programming.  Through working with the parent educator, families can participate in a 1-on-1 visiting program, join ‘little classrooms’ groups, and learn about helpful resources in our community.

     Rockhurst University’s Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders (All Students)

Students and staff from Rockhurst University come to our school to provide free health screenings for all of our students including hearing and vision.  All results and recommendations for follow ups are shared with families. Families can also opt out if preferred.

     Lions KidSight USA Foundation

Lions KidSight USA Foundation is a nationwide program to safeguard the vision of children through 6 years.  As needed, Lions KidSight comes to our school to provide free vision screenings and recommendations for follow up.

     OneSight (All Students as needed)

Based on recommendations for additional vision screening, we bring students by bus to complete a comprehensive vision exam through OneSight organized by Score 1 for Health located at KCUMB’s campus.  OneSight then provides free glasses to any student who needs them. In year one of the program, we had 21 students get new glasses.

    Kansas City Area Transportation Authority "CWCKC Bus Pass Program" (All Eligible Students)

To support our mission, increase accessibility for all families, and assist our students in achieving high levels of attendance, our CWCKC Bus Pass Program provides qualifying families with a renewable 31-day bus pass.  This unlimited ride pass for KCATA supports families who ride the bus to bring their students to CWCKC for the entire school year.


     KC Care Clinic

A health insurance Navigator with the Kansas City CARE Clinic is available to meet with CWCKC families during open enrollment to answer questions for all families about health insurance, and help enroll individuals and families in Marketplace plans or Medicaid.  The Clinic also shares information about important changes to insurance with offers to help families make needed updates.



GoKid provides a complete, easy-to-use mobility solution for the Citizens of the World Kansas City school community.  This allows the school, teams, and families to connect and drive together.  

Regional-Level Partnerships

   The Lean Lab

The Lean Lab is a Kansas City-based organization that launches transformational education innovations. To date, they have launched 17 ventures, impacting over 8,000 kids in Kansas City and 400,000 kids nationwide. Their community members work with entrepreneurs believing that the most effective innovations grow from partnership with those most impacted: parents, teachers, students, and school leaders. In 2017, CWCKC is proud to serve as a Beta Stie Partner with the Lean Lab to advance innovation that serves the educational community in alignment with our mission.

   Summit Behavioral Services

We partner with Summit Behavioral Services to provide our general education and special education teams with individual and group professional development for strategies and systems to support positive student behavior and optimal student learning within our school’s unique educational model.