Our Primary Campus Team

We are proud to introduce our 2017-2018 Faculty & Staff!  


Diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, and languages spoken, our faculty boasts:

    • Over 50% holding Master’s degrees
    • Over 50% having worked, lived, or studied extensively outside the United States (including countries such as:  Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Holland, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Spain, & US Virgin Islands)
    • Classroom teachers with an average of 6+ years of classroom experience


School Leadership

Doug Smith (CWC Kansas City Founding Principal): 

Originally from Midtown Kansas City, Doug has been an educator since 1992.  His classroom experience began in a local, inner-city public school and has spanned internationally to American program schools in Ecuador and Brazil.  In his career as a teacher, Doug taught Math and Science from 6th grade through AP Calculus and Honors Physics.  In addition, Doug has taught Western Civilization, Philosophy, Sociology, Filmmaking, and has sponsored a wide range of extra-curricular activities including Knowledge Bowl.  From 2011-2016, Doug  served as Coordinator for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and was responsible for curricular development, teacher training, and student success.

"Whatever age group I am working with or capacity in which I serve, my number one priority as an educator is engaging students in achieving excellence."  His philosophy of education is based upon the cultivation of critical thinking, collaboration, and experiential learning.  "If I had to distill my beliefs of what I want to accomplish in my work with young people into one concept, that concept would be awe - pure wonder of the world, both in nature and in the creations of the human mind.  This sense of awe makes us inherently more alive, and the highest honor any educator can achieve is helping a young person become more alive."


Amanda Quance (Director of Curriculum Integration & Educational Partnerships): 

Amanda has spent over 10 years working in education and youth development, including 6 years in the classroom as a middle school math teacher.  She has taught both locally in Kansas City, Kansas and at an Expeditionary Learning School in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Throughout her work, Amanda prioritizes building connections and engaging youth in compelling experiences that link their lives to the world around them.  Amanda has implemented a variety of interdisciplinary learning experiences and built strategic school-community partnerships with a variety of stakeholders.  Amanda has a B.A. from Grinnell College and a Masters in Community Development from the University of California Davis.  She is a proud resident of Midtown and loves being engaged in our Kansas City community with her husband Nathaniel.


Office Staff


              Jamesetta Adkins             Carlos Taylor
                  Office Manager                ACE Director

 Special Education


              Miah Lugrand                   Sara Murphy
                 Sp. Ed. Coordinator          Sp. Ed. Teacher


Reading Specialists


Noelle Bell                        Casey Thomas


Enrichment Teachers


Paul Cummings,              Kate Moore,                    Colby Segraves,
Music                                 Art                                    Physical Education


Second Grade Teachers


Catherine Queen             Whitney Szczucinski

First Grade Teachers


Allison Glass                      Marquis Hall                     Kerrie Schoen                   Megan York

Kindergarten Teachers


Ron Basel                         Kaitlyn Boisnard               Karnissa Caldwell                       


Erika Gibbs                        Hallie Richardson            Ridley Thomas


Teaching Associates, Kindergarten


 Nicole Gardner               Antoinette Harrington    Donald Humes                  


 Ina Maliqis                       Beverly Wilson



 Alexandra Horan